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Football violence related offences including Football Banning Orders

If you are accused of being involved in any trouble related to football then we have the experience to help. Our team of specialist solicitors can advise and represent you through the whole process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are red or blue, Karen Moxon Smith from our office will represent you home or away if you find yourself in difficulties.

We have had some good results recently in relation to those accused of crimes at or outside football grounds.

We offer a Free initial consultation if you contact us or feel free to contact Karen directly on 07568 391242 or complete the contact form on this page.

Those accused of football related matters can often be placed on bail conditions that ban them from attending football matches.

Enquiries into football related offences can sometimes take many months, particularly if the Police are looking at CCTV evidence and wanting to arrest a number of people.

If found guilty of a football related offence then a Football Banning Order often follows and can be included with the sentence.

A Football Banning Order has very strict prohibitions which result in monitoring movements on dates when football teams are playing, limiting movements within various zones, stopping people attending regulated football matches and stopping them travelling abroad by requiring their Passport when foreign matches are being played.

A Football Banning Order can be imposed between 3 and 5 years but even longer if you are sent to prison.

Breach of a Football Banning Order is a serious offence for which you can be sent to prison.

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