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Being Charged & Bailed by the Police

If you have been arrested and interviewed by the Police, at the end of a police station interview the officers must decide whether or not the investigation is at an end, or if not, how to proceed.

The options they have are:

  • to charge you
  • to undertake further investigations to gather more evidence
  • that there is insufficient evidence to charge and to release you

If the police are not ready to charge you with an offence at this stage then they must consider bail. Conditions on bail can be imposed such as bail back to the police station or to Court.

Unconditional Bail

The police may grant unconditional bail. Whilst on unconditional bail to either re-attend the police station or to go to court, the only legal requirement is that you attend on the time and date you are bailed to.

Charged and Bailed to Court

The general rule is that if charged you would be entitled to bail. We would negotiate with the police / custody officer to grant you bail to the Court date.

The Police could refuse Bail for the following reasons:

  • fear that if released you would not attend court
  • fear that you would commit further offences
  • fear that witnesses or evidence would be interfered with
  • fear for your own protection
  • other reasons

If necessary, we can make representations tcriminal solicitors sheffieldo the police that these fears can be dealt with by imposing certain conditions on your bail.

Bail back to Police Station

If you are bailed back to the police station, the police may also impose conditions.

We can make representations to the police on the suitability of any proposed conditions and try to minimise any restrictions on you.

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